Linda and I have enjoyed working with, showing and hunting our "Curs" here in Tennessee for the past four years.  After having problems with foxes, coyotes, and bobcats helping themselves to our chickens we started looking for an "Old Yella."  If we sound partial when we say they have to be one of the best all around dog breeds we know, I guess we are.  The Mountain Curs are used to hunt everything from squirrels to bears.  They don't stop or back down.  Kids and Curs go together like gravy and biscuits.  When they're not in the woods they are here making sure nothing with hair or feathers comes on the place that's not meant to be here.  We have three remarkable females and one heck of a male from some very good bloodlines.  Whether you already own Curs or are looking into getting one, we hope you enjoy our site.
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This is Ruby winning "Best of Show"  at the Jamestown OMCBA June Meet
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Ruby and Kelly take a break from nursing this morning, Feb. 7th.
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This was Boudreaux's second "First Place Treeing" win in November '09.

Piney Mountain Curs
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