He is out of Charlie Brown's "Indian River Chuck" and "Brown's Lady."  He has a good and loud chop bark on tree. He has more energy and spirit than most dogs, we've seen.Boudreaux has been doing a fine job in training and so far is surpassing our expectations.
   His top count on treeing is 139 barks per minute, "so far". He was at "Coon Camp" for 3 weeks hunting every night except 2 rain outs. Trainer said, he is a pro. Boudreaux hunts  medium range, wide circle, checks in about every half hour and charges through and keeps going. His mama Browns Lady is 11 years old and is still a high energy great squirrel dog hunting all the time in KY.
Ruby is out of Clarence Russom's "Otto B. Shot" and "Russom's Spook".  2008-2010 she has won 6 Best of Show at NKC and OMCBA meets
Squirrels are her preference, though, she has taken out several coons. As of December 2010 she was listed in the top 100 squirrel/coon dogs for NKC. She is one win away from NKC Grand Bench Champion and is a OMCBA Grand Bench Champion and UMC Bench Champion. She's a lot of dog in a 30 pound package.
We call her "Sweet Kelly".  She is so loving. She took second place in Show for her age group at the OMCBA meet. She runs like a cheetah and can jump into the back of a Tundra truck on the tool box from 2  feet out from the truck.  We knew she was fast when she caught her first squirrel before it got to the tree and was able to pluck birds out of the open field, weekly.  She too is out of Otto B. Shot" and "Russom's Spook".  She is one win away from NKC Bench Champion and she has pups all over the Country proving to be great tree dogs. 
Piney Mountain Kelly
NKC Bench Champion
Skunk Wheeler's Ruby
Piney Mountain Boudreaux

Piney Mountain Jodie
We are very happy with the addition of Jodie who is out of "Jukebox Sonny" and "Brown's Grit."  Both of these dogs have "Smith's Streak", "Streak's Mountain Jackson", "G&D's Deaton's Queenie", and "Bear Creed Dottie" in their bloodlines.  Jodie is a big girl,  She weighs in a 50 pounds and has a good deep bark. She is proving to be a good squirrel dog. She had 525 points in her first squirrel hunt. 
Piney Mountain Chloe
Chloe is out of Boudreaux and Ruby."  Faster than a speeding bullet.  She has Boudreaux, her sire wrapped around her paw. She is our first pup, the night she was whelped we knew she was staying with us.She has many promising traits of Boudreaux and Ruby. She has the fast chop bark like Boudreaux and is intense on squirrel like her Mama and high energy like Boudreaux.The colors appear to come from Smith's Streak, her great grand Sire. 
The NKC 2009 National Cur and Feist Breeders Association World Championship was held in Elnora Indiana Oct. 10th. He competed against other Curs and Feist from many other states and Canada.  Boudreaux, not only hunts good but, he represents the whole package.  He was chose to stand on the Bench, 4 times walking away with the  "Best of Class" , "Best of Breed", "Best Male of Show" and the "Best Overall of Show World Champion". December 09 he gained status with NKC as Bench Champion. He has won his second first place win as Treeing Champion. He will soon move on to be Tree Champion on his Pedigree
Piney Mountain Curs
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UMC Bench Champion
UMC Tree Champion
NKC Grand Bench Champion
NKC Tree Champion
NKC Grand Bench Champion, OMCBA Grand Bench Champion, UMC Bench Champion
NKC Bench Champion
UMC Bench Champion
In the top 100 NKC squirrel dogs.